Make War

Make War. Love fully, unconditionally and sacrificially, in a world that has taught us to only give as much as we receive.

Make War. Love. Love and love some more. Love this world filled with broken hearts, some of our own making.

Make War. Fight for marriages, in a culture which has redefined love as just feelings. Feelings come and go, love is forever.

Make War. Speak truth lovingly but boldly. Be fearless. Truth always is the most loving way. Always.

Make War. Pursue needy, helpless people, people who could never pay you back. Do it to turn the principles of this world upside down.

Make War. Stand up for the vulnerable, in a world that believes the weak should be flushed out, while the strong thrive by putting ourselves first.

Make War. Pursue the Creator, in an era that worships autonomy, Science and power.

Make War. Believe the Word of God instead of the lies the god of this world whispers to you.

Make War. Kill sin daily. Every single day, while the world glorifies idleness, lack of self-control and greediness.

Make War, because the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.

Make War.

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