Hymns are typically defined as “a religious song or poem of praise to God”. However in Christian circles there’s a distinguishing between hymns, which are typically older songs and modern worship songs. I’m totally in agreement with Augustine’s more inclusive definition of what a hymn is:

“Know you what a hymn is? It is a song with praise of God. If you praise God and do not sing, you do not utter a hymn: if you sing and do not praise God, you do not utter a hymn: if you praise anything else, which pertains not to the praise of God, although you sing and praise, you utter no hymn. A hymn then contains these three things, song, and praise, and that of God. Praise then of God in song is called a hymn.”

So enjoy the (growing) list of my favourites ones:

• By Faith

• O Church Rise

• All I have is Christ

• He Will Hold Me Fast

• From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable