Dear Dora

If I could back and give the 16 year old me some advice it would go something like this.

Dear (young and not so wise) Dora,

Never stop reading. Read the Bible (you’ve been slacking), read Jonathan Edwards and Piper and Spurgeon and MacArthur. Read books that no one has ever heard of. Read anything you want (maybe do skip few of those the Zac Efron articles..). Read about Evolution and Atheism and Nietzsche (you might be gasping now) but don’t be afraid to read things that you don’t agree with. Become an intellectual beast (like Matt Chandler likes to say).

Never stop being kind. I know you want to be like that girl at school that everyone looks up to, though she treats everyone horrible. She’s Queen B and you want to be her. Don’t ever underestimate the passion that you have in you. The way you love anyone that you meet and want the best for them, it’s what makes you so strong -kindness is not weakness.

Don’t let that boy define your worth. I don’t care if he tells you that you are beautiful or beastly. His words shouldn’t affect the way you see yourself. YOU have a beautiful Creator and you are His beautiful creation. Don’t forget that. Ever.

Never let physical beauty become more important to you than a beautiful heart. Don’t be deceived my charm and arrogance and looks.

No matter what you are told, your grades don’t define you. Stop staying awake at night, crying your eyes out about how you’ll make it through college and if you ever will get to University you will and you’ll love it there.

Be YOU. Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are. Don’t hide behind ‘normal’.

I know mum and dad are being difficult, but hang in there. It’s their first time having a 16 year old hormonal teenager and they’re learning too. Be forgiving and empathise with them.

Don’t forget that your 11 year old sister is watching you. Inspire her, teach her, correct her and most of all love her.

Above everything, trust in Him. Rest in Him. Soak in that Grace.

Gurl, you got this.

P.S. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you Taylor Swift’s music sucks, in 2014 everyone will be obsessed with her.

5 thoughts on “Dear Dora

  1. I loved this. I’d write a letter to my 16 year old self, but she was stubborn and wouldn’t have listened anyway. πŸ˜‰ love you Dora!

  2. This was wonderful. Hindsight is always 20/20, so we gather so much wisdom as we get older (if we don’t reject that which is true). I’m glad that I read this blog.
    In Christ,

    Jerome Danner

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